Friday, January 28, 2011

Why I Love Raisins

So Jenny has a real problem with raisins, much like she does bananas. I've kept my trap shut about this over the years, but no longer! I. Love. Raisins. I put them on everything and have yet to come across a meal that isn't made better by that shriveled up little grape.

Meatballs, better with raisins! Cookie, duh. In fact, all baked goods are pretty much pure gold with raisins in 'em. Oatmeal, please, put some raisins in that shit. Salads, you bet. Cous cous, yummier with currants AND golden raisins. The other day I sauteed up some kale and thought to myself, "Why not put some currants in this too?" And guess what? Delicious!

Raisins, I love you. Plus you might keep me regular? I can't remember is this is true or not. But most dried fruits give me the farts soooo... you do the math.

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