Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ecstasy, a blessing and a curse

Up until last summer I hadn't done this evil little fabulous drug for over 10 years. I figure that's enough time to open that flood gate again. But only on special occasions. Like Chris' bday in January. And my birthday 4 days ago.

For Chris' bday we all went to go see Oberhofer. And apparently, once the mdma kicked in, no one could remember this fact other than Shanon and Jenny. Nicky kept yelling at us that we were going to be late, and as soon as the cab dropped us off at the venue, promptly declared she wasn't getting out of the car, and why would she since she didn't know what we were doing. Then when the band started actually playing, Chris turned to me and shouted, "Who's this loud band?" Hell of a drug.

For my bday, we kept it civilized. Coq Au Vin for 12 people ...mdma and apple pie for dessert. As you can imagine, things digressed quickly. The hours between 12 and 4am are pretty hazy, but Jenny just reminded me that we put one of the red plastic table cloths on the floor and turned it into a runway. I immediately jumped up and did a runway walk/jig to Rod Stewart. Then everyone else refused, claiming "too much pressure." I also yelled out (multiple times) I LOVE YOU GUYS, and I FEEL AMAZING RIGHT NOW. I don't even remember Wes licking my double toe, but apparently that happened. And my buddy Ryan (1st time doing ecstasy) just kept saying, "Jenny was right - blast off." Then eventually we all passed out. The end.

Now to the curse part. Man does that shit make me feel like poo. I stayed curled up in bed all day Monday (uhthankyou 3 day weekend), and yesterday was STILL fucked up. My coworker was totally supportive when he told me I looked like shit. I also had to go to a work dinner Monday evening with a client in town from Germany. I almost fell asleep at the table, and so my other coworker took over by getting drunk and asking us all to call him "Detective Meatball."

Great drug. Dangerous PMS side effects.

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