Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February

Things I'm sick of: Snow, not enough room on the sidewalks because of snow, ice, cabin fever, slush puddles, snow, all boots destroyed, wet-sock-foot, snow, everyone looking fat, no bike-riding, snow, garbage piled on top of the snow, wondering when I'm going to slip and bust a tooth, snow, Old Man Winter butt-effing the city on a weekly basis, snow, running out of netflix watch instant because I have watched all the movies ever since I am a hermit now. Oh and I'm really over this snow bullshit.

That being said, Gandy sent me this video and it has been melting my cold frozen heart. Goodbye wintry-mix weather forecast, hello underage Brazilian babe daydreams. How do you say "no pedo" in Portuguese?

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