Friday, February 25, 2011

My Theme Song

Shanon sent an email out to me, Chris & Nicky:

Shanon: Jenny's theme song!
Chris: Hahaha. Is it cause Jenny is a jerk? I think I get it. 
Jenny: And also I look like a muppet. MAN I'm stoked to go to this show!!
Chris: Me as well. I am so stoked. It's gonna rule. I am gonna dance my self clean. See what I just did.
I used the song title to describe my actions. It a little thing I like to call humor.
Jenny: I'm gonna poop my pants with excitement. It's not a song title. It's a fact.
Chris: Beat you to it.
Jenny: You know, as twilight was setting in this evening, I went up to the roof to enjoy the last drag of my finest Guatamalean cigarillo and watched the light glinting off the smog dusted cars shooting down the BQE, a familiar scent wound its way through my nostrils amidst the bitter winter breeze and I tilted my head towards Clinton Hill and nodded to myself as the wind whispered......Christoban.
Shanon: Ew, please stop. Or take me off this chain.

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