Thursday, February 17, 2011

Real Talk

The other day, Chris and I were talking about what to talk about (sometimes we run out) and I asked what dudes talk about and he said guys really don't have all that much to say to one another. There's apparently about five topics:

1. Stupid shit they did.
2. How fucked up they got.
3. Fishing.
4. Trying to get laid.
5. That one time they got anal.

We then started (jokingly) naming things girls talk about, like; rainbows, makeup, ponies, periods, periods, periods, dreams, butterflies, etc. Chicks! What gives.

So this past Sunday I had a babes only brunch, which turned into a serious day drunk and then inevitably, karaoke. After relaying Chris's insider tidbit, my friend Bianca kept a running tally of things we discussed throughout the course of the day/eve:

Cats, hair, Indian names, getting drunk, boys, cookies, accessories, dogs, parties, dancing, our other friends, TV, Katy Perry, dudes, karaoke, sex, bouncing on a trampoline, hair, singing, Phil Collins, sexy babies, massages, music, boys, karaoke, doing drugs, doing drugs, peer pressure, doing drugs, punch, punching, Hana foods sandwich names, sandwiches, Miami, Haiti, our friend Nick, jobs, cats, weed, cougartown, Mandy Moore, the east village, Ryan Adams, Bryan Adams, first dates, karaoke, money, bars, hip hop, looks, karaoke, SOUP, lunch, eating out, Italian food, snow and cars, Juan, headshops, soberness, celibacy, cookware, grammar.


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