Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LKPF #5 & 6

I'm not sure why I am just now getting around to posting this, but two weeks ago, I went with my friend Eric to check out "Phil Collins Day," which is apparently on February 15th. Was it Phil's birthday? No. I'm not really sure why the parade took place. Did we both wear our Phil Collins tour t-shirts, thinking we were gonna kill shit? Yes. We both have one, and they rule. Were we expecting a brass band playing "Billy Don't Lose My Number" while a midget danced in the street wearing a black & white xeroxed Phil mask and a car drove down the street with a 5 foot tall paper mache sculpture of Phil's head strapped to it and an after party at a bar where his tour videos were played and we drank Phil Collinses in lieu of Tom Collinses? You tell me.

In honor of this epic day that my brain has taken a solid two weeks to process, I give you Little Known Phil Facts numbers 5 & 6.

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