Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mom Texts, WTF

Jenny's last post about chatting with her Mom reminded me of my own most recent hell - Mom texts. She just got an iPhone 4, which by the way, is annoying in and of itself. The woman used to use her cell phone twice a year last I checked, and that was when she went out of town and had it "for emergencies." Other than that it was turned off. So yeah, now she has a crazy phone and I can't decide what's worse, when we used to speak once a month over the phone, or now when she texts me 20 times a day.

Here are some choice examples:

"Sleep good. I'm going to watch Dancing with the Stars. You know how I am."
"Happy Sat. Are you having a good day?"
"Dearest Shanon, good morning, from your ever loving mother." (I got this text at 6:30am)
"Did those photos go through?" (see below for the photo, so crucial to have received pics of my mom's fat pug at 10pm on a Friday)

...and then there was this gem last night:

"Happy Wed. We had a good time in Reno, didn't win anything but it was good to get away for a couple of days. Uncle Donald is still in the hospital not doing very well, I'll let you know what happens. Egypt is for sure, really looking forward for us all. (Side note: this last sentence is referring to our upcoming vacation to Egypt, over which my mother has been fretting and hoping that "that revolution doesn't get in the way.")

My response to her on this last one was
"TEXT ETIQUETTE RULES MOM: never send bummer news like Uncle Donald dying to me via text, that deserves a phone call. Now I'm just sad at my friends' bday party, what the hell."

2 minutes later I got a phone call in which she called me "dramatic."

Yeah, she's annoying.


  1. i tried to get my dad to text by using the argument that a lot of my friends parents text and his rebuttal was "your friends parents also get divorced, do you want us to get a divorce?"

    can't argue with that logic.

  2. My mom txted me "good vibes" recently.
    hahah my mom doesn't smoke pot