Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I woke up this past Saturday slightly hungover and feeling like one of those Garfield posters before he's had his coffee. But the weather was  great and so I hopped on my pony and rode to meet my friend Andy who I hadn't seen in three months, due to a slight falling out. And what better way to bury the hatchet than Irish coffee and photo hunt at the Levee bar? About four beer & shot specials in and the fourth highest score on Funky Monkey, we were thick as thieves again. And what do thieves do at 6:30pm on a Saturday? Go to Pumps, the local strip club of course. We rode our bikes there because we're class acts and once inside, realized that we were the only people in the club that didn't work there. Let me add that is was also my first NY strip club experience and I don't think it was their A-team, but what a nice bunch of ladies we met. They all kept telling me not to be shy and asking if it was my first time, probs due to my giggling like a school-girl every time they came over to us. I touched a lot of boobs (homo? no homo?) that night. Then they tried to convince me to work there. We opted out of Nikita's offer to take us in the back room, but not before having a great discussion about the Frito pie we had for dinner at the Levee. All in all, I am pumped on Pumps and look forward to proudly wearing the t-shirt Andy promised me, now that we've decided to become regulars.

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