Monday, April 4, 2011

LCD "Afterparty"

Shanon pretty much covered our experience at the LCD show, in the lawless nosebleed section of Madison Square Garden, hugging strangers each other and telling strangers one another how much we loved them. You'd think the weirdest part of the night would be the creepy pics Shanon #1 took of Shannon #2, but instead of hitting up all the "crazy" afterparties, we somehow found ourselves wandering into a dude's house in Greenpoint....right as he was in the midst of painting his face in the bathroom, and not in a "I'm going to a football game!" way, but more of a "It puts the lotion on the skin" kind of way. And then there were the unicorns.

I was trying to discreetly point out to Shanon how weird I found all these unicorns and I don't think she was getting it until I told her to turn around and look at what was hanging on the wall above us.

Then she pointed out the airbrushed wall art (of a unicorn) and later asked me if I'd noticed the row of My Little Ponies on the windowsill (I had) and the picture on the back of the dude's denim vest (A cobra! Haha, no. It was a unicorn). Around the time I was sharing a cigarette and flipping through 1960 Playboy mags in the bathroom with another face painted dude and Pat Benetar's Godson (truth) had run out of stories, we decided to bounce from the Unicorn Palace and head for my house where we promptly passed out to Roseanne reruns, Budweisers in hand.

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