Friday, April 1, 2011

Stoner Rant

Before I even start, there's a buzzing in my ear that's slowly going away but goddamn it is annoying. I am stoned. I had something really interesting to say comparing 1984 (which I just read for the first time) and the band that I just saw ...but now it's gone. My friend Lauren tossed her beer into the crowd. And then I tried to do it and I only ended up chucking my bottle at a 45 degree angle into a bunch of people. I threw it really hard. I ended up having to apologize a lot tonight.

But so that book, 1984... It was weird. It felt like I was reading something I should've been reading in high school. There were lines that I read and then thought to myself, "Oh, totally, if I was in high school I would've had to underline this and explain it, but now I'm just gonna skip ahead 3 pages and get this book over with." And that's how I got through George Orwell at the age of 29.

The point of this rant was to talk about Jeff the Brotherhood, actually. Fuck are they a good band. I would've listened to them for 3 hours if they had kept going with the encores. But no more than 3 hours, that's actually dumb. But for them, I would've stuck it out. Jenny slept through this show, and by the logic of "it's far and it's cold out" I definitely agree that she made the right decision. But man they are a great band.

Stoner Shanon out.

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  1. them and the white wires were my 2 fave sxsw shows. they kilt it. also awesome: one of the brothers names is jamin. and its pronounced jam-min.