Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leftover Drunk

There is a golden zone before the hangover kicks in that I like to call leftover drunk. It's amazing for a number of reasons, mostly because your brain has not yet realized the record's skipping and the party stopped, but it is a great time to take care of bizness and here's a few things that work out well for me.

Getting dressed is awesome. Try and put together a bad outfit when you're leftover drunk, I DARE YOU. And the reason I dare you is because it's impossible. Like beer goggles times ten. Nothing beats walking to work with a Damn I Look Good swagger. Until about three o'clock rolls around. Then I realize that bike shorts are not, in fact, suitable office attire, casual Friday or no. 

What a perfect time to get those pesky feelings off your chest. Nothing beats waking up and reading drunk text convos and finishing them off "sober." Maybe I have even broken up with dudes this way! I can't keep track. Anyways, yeah, I could write a book on making irrational decisions that seem rational at the time. Fall for it again, brain.

It kinda feels like you can teleport. This morning, I realized I was out of metrocard monies, so I jumped the turnstile (thank you leftover-drunk courage!) then somehow slept while standing and almost missed my stop. And the train was crowded as fuck and I think I was very late and there was a long line for my egg and cheese sandwich, but it don't matter none cause frankly, it feels like I dreamed it. Am I even at work right now? Shrug.

Now I'm gonna go back to contemplating painting my eyelids to look like I'm awake while sleeping, thinking about what to eat for lunch and how it'd be nice to bang Mark Ruffalo sometime, and having important conversations like these.

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