Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stock Talk

Sometimes my job consists of looking through lots and lots of stock photos, which means coming across some dream-haunting shit. I know there is a whole website dedicated solely to weird stock photography which you can google and browse through at your leisure (since I clearly don't have time to find and link to it) but for now, reap the fruits of my "labor."

I typed in the keywords "sharing food" and "women eating," but here is how I think Getty Images interpreted it: 

"Public cannibalism role-playing"

"Terrifying mer-woman blazed out on reefer."

"Just looking at this photo may give you the clap."

"Hey guys! Sorry to interrupt your super important hot dog board meeting, but I just had to show you my new rape suit. Subtle, right?"

This one is just dope. Who knew Kate Moss and Lil' Kim bro'ed down on salads together like that.


  1. actually thats foxy brown. just saying.

  2. that was a test. of racism.
    you passed.