Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ahem, X-Men

I turfed pretty hard Saturday night, twisting my ankle, skinning my knee, and bruising my ass. Silver lining - all my teeth are in tact. But as a result, Sunday was spent resting in the park and catching a double feature at the theater by my house. X-Men followed by the Hangover 2.

One word Hangover 2 review - No.

X-Men First Class, on the other hand, was the tits. Probably the best comic book movie ever, and yes that means better than Iron Man and the first Spiderman. Let me preface this by saying I could stare at James Mcavoy and Michael Fassbender all the live long day. But that's not why it was amazing, that was just a boner bonus.

The movie did a spot on job of giving the entire back story to the series, the best obviously being Xavier and Magneto's friendship, along with the origins of shit like the Beast (hello Nicholas Hoult, previous BOD), and Mystique. The end fight scene was also badass, unlike the previous X-Men movies which have all ended absurdly.

Oh, and it's got Kevin Bacon as the totally evil villain. Did I mention he plays a nazi ...and speaks German?! NBD. He also dies in a pretty sick and twisted way. I mean, spoiler alert, but come on the villain always dies (except for Shredder in TMNT and ok maybe a few others).

So anywho, go fucking see it. And now what we've all REALLY been waiting for. Pics of Fassbender lookin hot as shit.

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