Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aaaand We're Back (Maybe)

Hey there "fans" of this blog. Did you miss us? Do you care? Well neither do I. But last night I suddenly remembered that this existed, and after taking half an hour to remember the URL, looked through our old posts and got nostalgic. It's been well over a year since either of us wrote about how hungover we are, and since then I've moved to Los Angeles and Jenny moved in with her boif. So I guess we're growing up ...sorta. We still hang out with young skaters and drink magnums of cheap wine, but we're officially in our 30s now and I bought a car, so there's that. Before we dive back into "Boners of the Day" I thought I'd fill you in on what I've been up to this past year.

- Moved to LA. Already mentioned that, and will probably write a longer post about this later. But in short I will say that I love it here, minus all the fedoras.

- Got an iPhone and joined Instagram. Swagger. It only took me 8 days before I lost the iPhone, but I got it back. Thank you karma.

- Witnessed two riots related to skateboarding. Were you all aware of how insane the LAPD is? Because outside of Denzel Washington movies, I was not aware of this fact.

- Listened primarily to trap shit. I would have to say that my rap intake has gone up 900% in 2012. Along with my use of the word "ratchet."

- Took up boxing. Fuck wit me.

- Was surprised by my friends on my 30th with a black stripper named Silk. Do you know what it feels like to have fake sex with a giant naked black man wearing nothing but a horse hair wig on his dick while 30 of your friends stand over you taking photos? Because I do.

- Went blonde.

- Finally watched that "Gangnam Style" video everyone's been talking about. When I first saw it, it was already at 300MM video views. My brain can't visualize that many people, and I mean the video was amusing and all but it's up to 500MM views now which is completely incomprehensible to me. The internet is a nutty place. NUTTY.

That's it for now, mostly I just miss my best homie Jenny and wanted to start this up again so we can post inside jokes that are only funny to the two of us. If you find them funny as well then you are either crazy, obsessed with skaters, like fart jokes, or all of the above. So welcome back to "Everyone Gets Laid."